Photography Paper, 203x305mm , 2016
When I saw the ground, I could see a lot of mosses that are growing from the rock. I thought that mosses in Eindhoven were observing the city, road, buildings.
If I recorded the terrain of Eindhoven with a new perspective, it seemed to be a meaningful work. So, I foucused on small things in Eindhoven and tried to take photographs from perspertive of small things. It consists of photographs and essays of small things observed from night to dawn of eighty pages total.

I drew a circle with 2 kilometer radius from the Van Abbemuseum. And then conneted the centre to the circle with two straight lines. I made a walk and took a photo as close to the straight line as I can.
Designers Suk Go
Adviser Kim Bouvy
11.2. 11.20PM, 51°26'22.9"N 5°28'42.8"E
As peace falls upon a place swept by storm, the night of Eindhoven center is quite serene.
Someone must have burst the orange balloon that day because street cleaners clean this place each morning. Though it is night, day fever still remains on the wet ground.
11.2. 10.38PM, 51°26'15.2"N 5°28'50.0"E
A candy spat by someone :
Someone ate candy and spat it in front of Dynamo. Dynamo is cultural center in Eindhovne. They offer a lot of lessons including dancing and boxing. I guess the owner of the candy was someone who took lesson in Dynamo.
11.2. 10.32PM, 51°26'17.6"N 5°28'46.8"E
Can in front of Heuvel Galerie Store :
After finishing shopping, someone probably sat near the fountain and realieved his fatigue while drinking cold drink.
11.2. 10.43PM, 51°26'22.4"N 5°28'43.0"E
Energy in Eindhoven Center :
There’s no one in the center at late night but the fragment of glass looks like it contains condensed energy of the day.
11.2. 08.51PM, 51°26'06.5"N 5°29'00.7"E
Pink gum left alone :
At 9 p.m., bicycles heading home repeat coming and going hurriedly. For 30 minutes, there was not a single person who walked on foot except people on bicycles. Is this the gum someone spat while looking at the river before the rain during the day today? It is seated alone like a puppy waiting for its master.
11.2. 09.28PM, 51°26'24.6"N 5°28'41.9"E
Gum that looks like one seasoned with pepper :
Gum is stained with cigarette ash.Unlike other gums, it looks like it is spread with black pepper.
11.2. 10.04PM, 51°26'13.5"N 5°28'48.1"E
Gum taking a bow :
One can easily find various forms of spat gums while moving around Eindhoven center. This gum looks as if it were taking a bow like a person.
11.2. 09.42PM, 51°26'12.2"N 5°28'48.4"E
A fragment in front of Marktonderzoeksbureau Markteffect :
I’ve never imagined that it is a market research company. Colorful lights come over the window of the empty building with everyone left for the day. The fragment left in front of the building holds all colors of this building.
11.2. 10.14PM, 51°26'19.3"N 5°28'45.0"E
Bread crumbs on the wet chair :
There is a space for people to sit on and rest in front of food court of Eindhoven. Tonight, although no one wants to sit on wet surface, quite a few people sit on it during the day. Probably, it seems someone sat on it and ate bread.The crumbs left alone are looking on people passing by.
11.2. 10.20PM, 51°26'21.0"N 5°28'43.7"E
Envious pile of ash :
De Vooruitgang in Eindhoven is a restaurant, not a bar, but it opens until 2 or 3 in the morning. Though it was 10:30 at night on a weekday, it was filled with families and friends. The pile of ash which cannot enter the restaurant looks as if it were envious of happy people over the window.
11.2. 08.12PM, 51°26'30.7"N 5°28'55.2"E
Earthwarm seeing people passing :
Spots of rain had begun to fall when I took a picture. Earthwarm came out and moved slowly from the earth..
11.2. 10.26PM, 51°26'26.5"N 5°28'46.4"E
Candy shell in fancy light :
While the center is brilliant, the candy shell thrown away by someone is lonely.
11.6. 07.45AM, 51°26'27.9"N 5°28'36.7"E
Pickle in front of Macdonalds :
Macdonalds open from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. in Eindhoven. I took a picture at 7:45 so maybe someone ate hamberger the day before and drop it near the bench.
11.6. 07.54AM, 51°26'32.6"N 5°29'07.4"E
Bottle top in the early morning :
As autumn comes, it frequent rains all night and the rain stops early in the morning. A bottle top early in the morning which endured the rain all through the night
11.6. 07.56AM, 51°26'16.4"N 5°28'47.8"E
Energy drink early in the morning: Flugel :
Flugel is a vodka-based energy drink. Seeing that they are lined up in front of the bar early in the morning, some people seem to have drunk them during the ‘fiery Saturday.’ On the contrary, though, someone begins a day early in the morning riding bicycle.
11.6. 08.19AM, 51°26'34.2"N 5°29'20.2"E
We are friends :
bottle top friends are seeing autumn scenery in a friendly way. Seeing they are placed by a large trash bin, they might have been dropped by accident while someone threw away trash. Two bottle tops in the middle look like sweet lovers.
11.6. 09.45AM, 51°26'17.2"N 5°29'10.3"E
fallen leaves, A fallen feather of dawn :
Rain fell throughout the night and stopped early in the moring in Eindhoven. A wet feather was covering fallen leaves all night.
11.6. 08.35AM, 51°26'11.5"N 5°29'24.2"E
Moss growing between the sidewalk and the road :
Moss was growing even in the crevasse between the sidewalk and the road. I was taking this picture squatting between the sidewalk and the road and a car passing by came back and asked what on earth I was doing. For reference, the place was in front of Opvallers advertisement agency seen far ahead.
11.6. 09. 31AM, 51°26'22.9"N 5°28'42.8"E
Moss trimmed along with garden :
This house has a garden that looks delicately trimmed. All the trees were trimmed in round shapes. What was interesting was that the owner also seems to have trimmed the moss when he/she trimmed the garden. How can it grow as if someone neatly trimmed it? As the saying goes, things resemble one another when living together!!!
11.6. 08. 25AM, 51°26'34.5"N 5°29'23.4"E
Moss grows even in the narrow crevasses among stone :
Stones are placed around to protect the trees but, even in these narrow crevasses among stones, moss of Eindhoven is growing!!
11.6. 08. 39AM, 51°26'37.1"N 5°29'42.3"E
Whisker-like moss :
What is interesting is that moss growing among the stones grow in the round form like someone trimmed it while the moss covering the stone grows long in front like whisker on the face.
11.6. 08. 31AM, 51°26'11.6"N 5°29'24.4"E
Growing moss while waiting for street light :
I found out moss on the ground while waiting for the street light to change. The moss is growing strong and fast even now when the pedestrians are waiting for the green light.
11.6. 09. 19AM, 51°26'30.6"N 5°29'38.8"E
Moss growing through the wall :
Most homes in Eindhoven has low stone walls. Of course, moss grows through the crevasses like lumps.
11.6. 08. 49AM, 51°26'36.9"N 5°29'39.7"E
Moss in front of an iron gate :
The moss in front of an iron gate was growing flat like artificial lawn someone laid.
11.6. 08. 59AM, 51°26'28.1"N 5°29'36.5"E
Stretching moss :
Sunlight begins to smears through hazy dawn. All the mosses begin to stretch. Good morning!
11.6. 09. 02AM, 51°26'36.4"N 5°29'36.7"E
A Feather and mosses on the rock :
The morning broke through the hazy sky. A feather and mosses shone brightly on the rock and they seems like streched and got ready to start a new day.