Performance Video, 2020
Reframing of Being Forgotten Performance
As subsequent versions of The Reframing of Being Forgotten no.1, I propose a new performance platform with this score system, digital performers, a traditional dancer, and installations reinterpreted by analyzing the movements of Salpuri.
Designer Suk Go
Dancer Shooting Gun-Young Lee
Player Shooting Sung-Kwan Kim
Video Editing Suk Go, Gun-Young Lee
Place Tiz Studio in Daejeon
cast members Jin-kyung Oh(Dancer),
Sun-Kyung No(Jangu),
So-Yeon Kim(Haegeum),
Sung-Min Jo(Piri),
Dong-Hyun Yu(Daegeum),
Gun-Young Yu(Ajeng)
Supported by Stimuleringsfonds
Daejeon Cultural Foundation