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Folklore is not very popular among the younger generation. But in times of globalisation and the anxiety of losing identity, folkloric expressions acquire a new value. There are still many dance websites, but the information is all scattered, and because it is run by the elderly, many dance groups disappear rapidly every year. Just 100 years ago, Dutch folk dance was the dance of young people. However, to surprise, there was hardly anything about folk dances in the archives of the Meertens Institute compared to folk musice. MoveRound is a website that integrates all the information, and It makes people realize why folk dance has been rapidly forgotten, and why only old material remains from the history section. At moveround.ml you can find everything about these dances from the past, from the Afklappertje (Clapper) to the Driekusman and the Zevensprong (Seven Leaps). The website presents the history of the dances alongside videos and instructions. She also made animations that you can follow without the need for explanatory notes. Its animated graphic icons transcend language, culture and age; you instinctively know when to swing, stamp or clap. There are many clogs to be found on the website. The costumes, however, turned out to be much more varied. Each region or city has its own caps, scarves, aprons, hats and shirts. Through this website, I think people will rethink their lost values.
website : www.moveround.ml
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