Various application, 2015
Packages of baby products modeled after nature: A concept in which they are loaded to form the shape of a mountain

It is a concept in which each package makes a mountain when the products are displayed, while it makes a big mountain in a wide variety of shapes when they are loaded for sale. Moreover, they can show various colors and looks of mountains by season. Using images of clean nature, uses of direct images such as mountains, sky, and animal collage were attempted, so that buyers could have visually healthy and safe impressions. Their structural packaging provides users with fun of opening diagonally. The logo shows a baby sleeping comfortably in nature, the goal of this brand. These products are named ‘HushBebe.’ Background:Active senior: The industry of nursery products successively releases products aiming at the grandparents. With the increase of working couples, the number of active seniors who are in charge of caring for their grandchildren in South Korea. They already have experience of raising children and a stable financial means, so they are liberal with their money spent to purchase good nursery products for their grandchildren and prefer products modeled on nature.

Planning products modeled on nature was the most challenging thing for me. Organic and Eco-friendly baby products have been abounded in Korea and those were became so common. I should choose a different way. In conclusion, I selected the way that the senior citizen could directly feel the nature and fun when they just arrived in the nursery products section of the market! I decided to simply use the variety shapes of the mountain for packaging and designed so that people can enjoy different nature when the seasons change in order that they do not get bored.
Designers Suk Go
Adviser Sun-Young Park