Matte Paper, 594x841mm, 2013
MY HEART HAS BEEN INFLUENCED BY YOUR CONTACT This test result is a diagnostic graph of ischaemic patients. Ischaemia is an illness which can lead to blackouts, cardiac infarction and even death in case of slow blood circulation and oxygen. This piece is a diagnosis metaphorically comparing phone calls with oxygen which essential to theischaemic patient. This cardiac activity graph shows a stable pattern when a heart is a healthy and decreasing pattern for abnormal cardiac activity. Based on this information, I used the stable pattern to describe frequent phone calls since they bring me comfort and used red coloration for the danger of representing lack of phone calls to describe the feelings of anxiety I get as I wait for calls. For instance, 01044138933 called and messaged me frequently providing me with comfort while 01033007742 was negligent and risked blackouts and death.
Designers Suk Go
Adviser Ja-kyeung Min