Video & Book, 2011
Eddie's Brain circuit Diagram
The movie ‘Limitless’ is about a struggling author named Eddie, who is faced with an entirely different life after taking a strange pill given by the brother of his ex-wife. A single pill leads people to live a super-human life by giving them full control of their brain while normal people can only use small portion of their brain. Based on this movie, I designed Eddie’s computer-like brain as electronic circuit. I have divided my design into 24 scenes keeping the same pace of the movie. I incorporated the symbols from electronic resistance and electronic flow but used diagrams along with these symbols to keep up with the story line. For instance, symbol for electronic resistance was used to describe obstacles faced by Eddie and symbol for lights-out was used when Eddie was unconscious. I also used darker shade of turquoise to when Eddie was struggling in life and changed the color to golden yellow after he took the pill. The design consists of a book and concept video.
Designer Suk Go
Adviser Ja-Kyeong Min