50% of antibiotics prescribed to children are not necessary for the health of the child.
- Source: the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 2015, An Annual Basis -

In Korea, even if a child catches a cold, most of them are prescribed antibiotics. Parents also need some knowledge of antibiotics to prevent the abuse of antibiotics. Based on a flow chart confirmed by Korean pharmacist ms.Jung and German physician Stratmann, this application can diagnose the symptoms of the child and tells about
the type of antibiotic and how to deal with it.

April 2017


I brought familiar characters which are Chulsu and Yeonghee to Koreans.

If you do not know how to respond to a given question, you can press the question mark.
ex) How to measure body temperature.

Precautions and dangerous situations are indicated in red color.

It is a form of Questions&Answers format based on flow chart.

In situations where antibiotics were not needed,
blue colors were used to reassure parents.

If your child needs antibiotics,
parents can usually find out what antibiotics the doctor prescribes.

When a difficult medical term comes up as a question,
parents can easily understand it with a photograph.